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How boring is clapping your hands for someone?  Why not try some of these "Silly-brations" instead?  These are just a more creative way to encourage and affirm the students in your classroom.  Your students will LOVE receiving a "silly-bration" from you and their friends.  Print these bookmarks off and post them around the room to remind yourself to "silly-brate" from time to time!
Here is the worksheet that goes with our "Ways to Make Ten" video. Finding all of the ways to make a number is such a hard skill for the kiddos to understand. The game is called Math-o-lantern!  It's a fun way to teach one of the toughest concepts in primary school!  Press the page to start printing now!
Here are the million dollar bills for you to print off.  I use these when the kids use "Million Dollar Words" in class.  These are special vocabulary words that we've chosen from read alouds throughout the year.  You could also use these as rewards for "Million Dollar Behavior" if you wanted to.
Check out our new "Tabletop Tip Sheet". We've included a handwriting alphabet, number line, hundreds chart, sight word list, coin value table and a left and right direction reminder. Students can keep this chart nearby to help them with their independent work.  Click the icon to print your students a copy now!
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Check out our newest printable game!  It's called bunny ball.  Watch our tip video for more information on how to organize this "Counting by 2's" activity.  You'll want to save this one for the springtime (2nd semester).  The theme is Easter and the skill is pretty tough!

Here are the "Fundreds Charts" that we talked about.  Click the links to the left to download the PDFs now!
Here is the printable activity to go along with our "Five Little Turkeys" subtraction song.  Color and cut out the turkeys and pilgrim.  Then use the characters to model the different number sentences represented in the video/song.  I can picture the kiddos pretending like the pilgrim is running in and grabbing the turkeys and running off with them.  :)