Here are a few of my favorite teacher created materials. They were made by teachers for teachers to use.  The best part? They are all free!  Simply click on the link to download and print.  You'll be using these docs in class before you know it.
Here's a fun sight word chart. I just couldn't resist this cool smiley face clipart!  These words aren't pulled from any certain sight word list.  The kids will still benefit from the different phonetic chunks and blends that they see used in these words.  Plus, they'll get some practice using the pictures as context clues while they read.  Have fun!
Even first graders love iPods!  Take a minute and explain that iPods keep your songs in ABC order.  Slip this chart in a sheet protector and the kids can practice putting the words on each album in alphabetical order.  After writing the words with a dry erase marker the kids can wipe them away and use the chart day after day!
Here is a cute spelling test form for you to print off.  We introduce ten new words each week.  These are worth ten points each.  We also ask the kids to spell six sight words for extra points.  These are worth one point a piece.  You can write the score in the comic bubble so the lion can roar their score.
Print this ticket off to help encourage your students to keep their desks nice and clean.  It's a note from "The Clean Queen".  Much like the tooth fairy, she comes in at night and chooses one desk that is the cleanest of all!  She'll leave behind this hand signed (you can write in the girly signature) note and a little treat of some sort.  I always leave pixie stick candy for my students.  It reminds me of a magic wand or something!  Have fun and keep that room clean at the same time!
Here is the Snowflake Hundreds chart.  This matches our Count by 10s Snowflake song on YouTube ( Be creative!  You can use this chart in lots of ways.  Maybe give each kiddo a Hershey's out a number...have the kids find and place the candy on the correct spot!  Enjoy!
Click here for our full Reading Strategy Animal Buddies pack.  Full page poem posters to diplay on the wall, student chart for skill binders, Animal Buddy bookmarks for guided reading bags and Animal Buddy teacher plates for small group use.  Color and Black and White versions available.  Just download the .zip file for free!  It's our gift to you guys!  Also, watch our animal buddy tip video at
Here is the Count by 2s activity page.  It matches our count by 2s song and video on YouTube.  Help the puppy find his way to his friend by pasting the hearts in order along the dotted line.  
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Here is my Long Vowel Patterns chart!  We use this as a guide when we are writing, spelling and reading.  I tell the kids that when the vowel "says it's name"...we gotta do somethin' special!  The patterns found on this chart are the "special" things that we have to do to get those fancy sounds!  Mine keep a copy in their chart folders that they can go to almost anytime they want!
Here is my short vowel sounds chart.  Your kiddos have to know this well before they can move on to the long vowel sounds.  I would introduce this first as a review of what they hopefully learned in kindergarten.  Then, you can move on to the long vowel chart (above) to take their spelling/writing to the....NEXT LEVEL!
Here is the problem type chart for you guys to print. Use this as a guide to make up your own problems. Simply change the names, numbers and topics of our sample problems.  Allow your students to use manipulatives!  And remember, there is no "correct" way to solve a problem.  Share the different strategies that you see kiddos using in class.