Page 3 Printables
Teacher Tipster has officially released their first album!  It's called Brainy Beats.  This collection of raps and rhymes will have you hip-hoppin' your way through the school days.  Download the album in our shop and then print off the lyrics for free here!
Here is the hand trick writing page.  AND the new hand trick writing (plus rings) page.  The first is a good basic structure.  The second encourages more details in your writing.
Here's another poster that you could use in class.  This one teaches the "Parts of a Story".  That's author, illustrator, setting, characters, problem and solution.  These are the lyrics to our "Story Parts" song that can be found on the Brainy Beats CD.  Or, you could just use it as a helpful chart during your reading group time!  Have fun!
Here's an awesome label for your "Power Towers" tubes.  (See the Power Towers video)  This was created by Laura over at The Grade Two Zoo! Check her out at!  She's got a ton of cool ideas to share!  Thanks again Laura!

Nothin' fancy here.  Just a little poster to go with our clock song.  Check out the video now to learn how the lyrics go.  I like keeping this in a sheet protector so I can have the kiddos fill it out over and over again.  A version of this tune is also on our Brainy Beats CD.  Head to our "shop" to download the clock song if you don't already have it!  :)
Welcome to "Hotel Hundreds"...may I take your bags?  This is just a fun take on a regular hundreds chart.  Simply explain that each box is a room in this high rise hotel.  The students can "ride the elevator" up and down to help answer tricky math questions.  This will help some of the kiddos to visualize 10 more and 10 less questions a little more clearly.  Good luck!
Here is the 1st Grade Mountain Math sheet that I mentioned in my "Mountain Math" video.  I LOVE this program and have truly seen a difference in my students since I started using it a few years back.  Head to for more info!  I've also included the Word Doc for this one so you can make changes to fit your needs.  :)
I'm so proud of this new chart!  I'm using it to help teach fact families.  I tell the kids that every fact family has a Daddy, Mommy and Baby.  (That's the large, medium and small numbers.)  We use these numbers to make up two adding and two subtracting sentences.  Have the kids write three numbers on the stick people's heads.  Then they can complete the  number sentences in the box below!
This is a packet of 3D shape posters!  These match the lyrics to my 3D shapes song on the Brainy Beats album.  It covers sphere, cylinder, cone, pyramid, cube and rectangular prism.  My kiddos love dancing and acting these shapes out.  Best thing of all?  They're free for you to print right now! 
 (3D shape clipart courtesy of
Here are the Inspector Fix-it printables for you guys to print off.  There's a big one for you to laminate and keep on the board.  There are also some little ones for you to put on popsicle sticks.  The kiddos will love hunting for mistakes with  their Inspector Fix-it sticks!  :)